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Real estate type by building project

There is a number of ways to distinguish different groups of real estate. One of them is distinguishing according to the building project. Each building project is defined by different technical parameters, such as:

In Latvia, the majority of residential real estate falls into categories that can be described and distinguished using these and some other parameters. These categories are called ‘projects’ (in Latvian: projekti). In total, there are 14 most common projects:

As projects are distinguished by parameters that are usually most important for residents, it is advisable to find out the property type before purchasing any piece of Latvian residential real estate. Nowadays, decorative renovation and layout changes are relatively available and widespread, meaning that if you encounter a certain type that is not to your liking in general, it still does not mean that this particular apartment will not suit you. In relation to that, renovations may make any type look like any other type, so it is advisable to consult the official technical documentation of the property. The distinction between types, however, is still a useful indicator of quality, especially for parameters that are not that easily changeable, for example thermal insulation.

In addition to the aforementioned projects, there is a number of other, less standardized residential properties, such as wooden houses, pre-war apartment complexes, as well as unique special projects. It is not possible to group these by any distinct parameters, which is why it falls to your real estate agent to determine their quality.