Property Guide Latvia

Your personal adviser in the world of Latvian real estate.


Property Guide Latvia

Property Guide Latvia is your personal adviser in the world of Latvian real estate. Here you will find the answers to all the important questions about buying, selling, renting and leasing real property in Latvia, as well as learn about the documents needed to do so, taxes to be paid and government agencies to be visited.

Along with these topics, we provide detailed step-by-step guides on any property-related operations. Starting with finding the real estate of your preference, we proceed to assess it technically, evaluate its legal standing (due diligence) and prepare a report on the potential value and prospects of said property, allowing you decide whether it suits your interests and aims. We also help secure financing for any property investments you might be interested in, contacting banks or non-banking institutions for the most advantagous mortgage offers possible. Finally, when all the documents, finances and reports are secured, we aid with the actual transfer of the property deed to you, registering you as the new owner with all the relevant government institutions, as well as give advice on further real estate maintenance, particularly in the fields of law and taxation.

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