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Apartment category: Type 103

Type 103 is one of the apartment complex types built in Latvia, i.e a category of Latvian residential property. It has been built starting from 1970 and up until 1990. In the capital city of Riga it can be found in all neighbourhoods, except for Mežciems and Zolitūde It is typically built from bricks and concrete panels.

Residential complexes of this type typically have 5, 7 or 8 floors. The height of each floor is 2.5m. Type 103 buildings usually have only recessed balconies (i.e. loggias), but not regular ones. As for additional infrastructure, they do not have elevators, and do not have garbage chutes.

Type 103 residential complexes have apartments consisting of 1, 2 or 3 rooms. Below you will find a general summary of total apartment areas depending on the number of rooms. Please note, that this is just an estimation based on typical standard layout, and each individual case may vary.

General apartment sizes for different number of rooms
Number of rooms123
Apartment area34m251m266m2

Advantages and disadvantages

While the advantages and disadvantages of each property is highly dependent on each person‘s point of view, there is also a number of more objective pros and cons that are determined by physical aspects of a real estate. Thus, for example, the quality of materials influences thermal insulation and soundproofing, the high quality of which are important for the majority of Latvian property owners.

The advantages of Type 103 are:

The disadvantages of Type 103 are:

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