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Property deal statistics in Balvi municipality

Property deal statistics characterize the activity related to real estate in any particular municipality in Latvia. They also indicate how agreeable the economic climate for property trading is, in general, in the country. The statistics below provide an overview of the real estate market in Balvi municipality

Residential property

Residential property is property primarily designed for living.


An apartment (also a flat or a unit) is a self-contained part of a larger building (an apartment complex), designed to be fully functional by itself, as a single unit. In the last year the most expensive apartments have been sold for 4 500.00 EUR.

One-room apartments

In 2017, 19 one-room apartment deals have been analyzed for the purposes of gathering property deal statistics in Balvi municipality. The most expensive apartment of this kind has been sold for 5 550.00 EUR, whereas the least expensive has cost 800.00 EUR. The average price of a one-room apartment was 800.00 EUR. Most of the apartments sold have had a price of about 800.00 EUR, and this is the value one can reasonably expect to encounter when dealing with real estate in the municipality.

The statistics for 2018 are based on 21 deals. The prices of apartments ranged from 1 000.00 EUR to 4 500.00 EUR, whereas the average price was 800.00 EUR. Most apartments have been sold for around 1 000.00 EUR.

The maximum price of a one-room apartment in Balvi municipality over time
6 5
The minimum price of a one-room apartment in Balvi municipality over time
1 1
The average price of a one-room apartment in Balvi municipality over time
3 2
The mode price (the most frequently occuring price) of a one-room apartment in Balvi municipality over time
3 3

Investing in real estate in Balvi municipality real estate

When considering investing in real estate, Balvi municipality emerges as a promising prospect within Latvia. Property deal statistics in Balvi reflect the vitality of the local real estate market. For those interested in finding and buying property in Latvia, this municipality presents opportunities worth exploring. Whether you're looking for a residential property, an apartment, or a one-room apartment, understanding the specific dynamics of Balvi's real estate market is essential to make informed investment decisions.

Selling property in Balvi municipality

Balvi municipality is a part of vivid Latvian real estate market. For those considering selling property in Latvia, understanding the market nuances in Balvi is crucial. Sellers looking to maximize returns should pay attention to these fluctuations. By staying informed about the average price trends and the most frequently occurring prices (mode), property owners can strategically position their assets in this dynamic market. Balvi's real estate sector holds potential for those aiming to capitalize on their property investments.

Balvi municipality leasing opportunities and market

While buying and selling properties are key aspects of the real estate market, leasing properties also play a pivotal role in Latvia's overall economic landscape. Municipalities like Balvi offer attractive options for leasing property in Latvia. Whether you own residential property, apartments, or one-room apartments, leasing can provide a steady income stream. In Balvi property owners may find leasing to be a viable option to generate rental income. Similarly, Balvi's fluctuating property market can create opportunities for landlords looking to enter the leasing sector. Understanding local property deal statistics is essential for prospective lessors, to navigate these opportunities effectively.