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Government-supported mortgage

Government-supported mortgage is a type of Latvian mortgage, in which the government acts as a guarantor, thus potentially increasing the likelihood that the loan will be granted. This type of mortgage is governed by the ‘Rules on the government support for buying or building residential premises’ (in Latvian: Noteikumi par valsts palīdzību dzīvojamās telpas iegādei vai būvniecībai).

In order to be eligible for this support, several requirements have to be met:

If a person is applying for this mortgage on the basis of having at least one child, the guarantee extends to the following:

If a person is applying for this mortgage on the basis of having a specific education, the guarantee extends to 20% of the sum, but no more than 50 000 EUR.

In any case, the guarantee does not exceed 10 years, and covers only the base sum of the loan. This means, that it does not extend to the interest, fees or any other related payments.

Additionally, in order to receive a guarantee, a fee must be paid to the government. The fee may be paid by either the applicant or the credit institution


Persons who wish to apply for the government-supported mortgage must prove their eligibility by presenting several documents:


The guarantee is annulled (either not granted or revoked) in the following cases: