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Latvian bank comparison for mortgage

Below you will find a table of comparison for mortgage offers by various Latvian banks. It should be noted, that all the analyses and case studies mentioned here are non-exhaustive and are not meant to represent all the possible situations. Each mortgage application is reviewed separately, which is why your experience may be different.

Name of a bank Min. sum Max. sum Min. interest rate Max. interest rate Min. payoff time Max. payoff time Min. first deposit Max. first deposit
Swedbank not specified 200 000 EUR not specified not specified 1 year 30 years 15% 95%
Citadele 10 000 EUR 300 000 EUR 2.8% 20% 1 year 30 years 0% 95%
DNB banka (Luminor) 7 000 EUR 250 000 EUR 1.8% 10% 1 year 35 years not specified not specified
SEB 3 500 EUR 2 000 000 EUR 2.7% 8% 6 months 30 years not specified not specified