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The best Latvian property brokers are members of the Latvian Real Estate Association (LANĪDA; in Latvian: Latvijas Nekustamo īpašumu darījumu asociācija).

In Latvia the real estate industry has no formal licensing procedure - any company or individual entrepreneur is permitted to act as an intermediary in transactions with real estate. As a result, numerous companies and realtors offer real estate intermediary services, however, it is highly advised to hire real estate agents with caution. There are a few big real estate agencies, which have proven to be trustworthy when it comes to customer service quality.

Here you will find a non-exhaustive list of real estate agencies, each providing real estate intermediary services.

Arco Real Estate
An Estonia-based property agent that provides its services in Estonia, Latvia and Bulgaria. An official partner of all the major Latvian banks. Besides selling properties, provides real estate consultations, property valuation services and market research.
Founded in 1992
No. of available properties: more than 4 700, including more than 3 300 newly-built projects
Real Estate Jurmala
A real estate agency specializing in the resort-city of Jūrmala and, to a minor extent, the nearby capital city of Riga. In addition to that, they provide property project development services, and their website has an introductory guide to living in Jūrmala.
Founded in 2008
No. of available properties: more than 190
A property agency specializing in high-class estate in Riga and its vicinity. It also offers investment consultations and management services, as well as provides market research data.
Founded in 2004
No. of available properties: more than 500
Real estate agency dealing with both - commercial and residential premises. The company also offers its clients full assistance with residence permit acquisition, if purchasing investment property objects. Domenika mostly deals with non-residents and offers real estate in Riga, Jurmala and other high class residential areas, such as Vecaki.
Founded in 2006
No. of available properties: more than 240
One of the biggest and oldest real estate agencies in Latvia, well known for it’s vast collaboration with Latvian government, constantly providing advice and sharing statistics about real estate market. The company hires over 150 employees in Latvia, in 24 offices.
Founded in 1991
No. of available properties: more than 3500
Being a part of the Finnish Realia group, international real estate agency Ober-Haus deals not only with property transactions and valuation, but also property management. Activity of Ober-Haus covers the entire Baltic region, including Estonia and Lithuania. The company hires over 70 employees in Latvia, in 6 offices.
Founded in 1998
No. of available properties: more than 2000
Sotheby’s International Realty
Established by a famous British auction house of London (Sotheby’s), this agency operates in Riga since year 2010. Many properties the agency is dealing with are located in prestigious Old Town or the Quiet Centre of Riga. The company also deals with real estate in Estonia and Lithuania.
Founded in 2010
No. of available properties: more than 650