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State Land Service

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State Land Service (in Latvian: Valsts zemes dienests) is a governmental agency under the jurisdiction of the Minister of Justice of Latvia, dedicated to the management and documentation of the Latvian land, as well as any property on it.

It has been established and is operated according to the State Land Service Regulation (Valsts zemes dienesta nolikums), and has the following tasks:

Additionally, the Service acts as a mediator between Latvian real estate owners and other government property agencies, namely the Cadaster and Land Books. It offers the following services:

Statistical data

The State Land Service also provides statistical information about real estate in Latvia, which may be employed for the purposes of market analyses. Amongst other data, it mentions the distribution of properties in different regions, allowing property investor to choose more or less active areas, depending on their aims.

Another useful data is the information on the cadastral value of properties, provided via the official website dedicated to this topic. This data can be used to see cheaper and more expensive areas, keeping in mind that it is the cadastral value that determines the amount of property tax to be paid. The data on cadastral values is available for different groups of property, as well as for different locations, or the country as a whole.